802.11ac vs. 802.11n Mana yang terbaik?

Slide1-wifi 1c dan nStandar 802.11ac vs. 802.11n (Infographic): Which wireless solution is better? sebuah tulisan dalan bahasa inggris aslinya di tulis oleh Michael McNamee pada 8 Nov2013 @ 01:18 PM. Standar 802.11ac merupakan standar masa depan untuk wifi, semantara itu pihak perusahaan dan produsen terus mengembangakan standar ini. Standar sebelumnya adalah 802.11 a,b dan g, standar ini masih digunakan sampai sekarang.

Jika anda sudah terlanjur menggunakan / mengembangkan infrastuktur dengan 802.11n anda tidak perlu khawatir. Anda tetap bisa mencampur antara 802.11 ac, b/g atau 802.11 n. Berikut ini adalah beberapa perbandiangan antara 802.ac dan 802.11 n.

Kecepatan 802.11n Speed vs. 802.11ac

802.11ac jauh lebih cepat dari 802.11 n atau 802.11 b/g,kecepatan yang didapatkan bisa mencapai hingga 1,3Gbps. ini sekitar 3x lebih cepat dari 802.11 n yanh hanya mampu mencapai kecepatan sekitar 400 Mbps.

Kapasitas 802.11n Capacity vs. 802.11ac

AP dengan 802.11 n umumnya hanya bagus untuk client kurang dari 25 per titik AP. Sementara untuk 802.11 bg bisa hingga 50 client. yang jelas kecepatan yng diterima per client jauh lebih baik.

Slide1-wifi 1c dan n
Another big gain offered with 802.11ac is range. Now to clarify this I don’t mean that my 802.11ac signal can go further than 802.11n (by the way this is a terrible measure of access point performance) rather my 802.11ac signal provides better throughput at the same distance as 802.11n. In our 802.11ac vs. 802.11n info graphic we show two clients connected to an access point at 75 feet. The 802.11n connected client at 75 feet nets a 200Mbps connection while an 802.11ac connected client nets a connection at 400Mbps at the same distance.

802.11ac is a revolution in wireless networking where 802.11n was an evolution. It definitely has much to offer in improving our overall wireless experience. In fact, even without the use of 802.11ac clients it has been noted that 802.11n clients connecting to 802.11ac access points are showing improved performance over connecting to 802.11n access points. Right now however only the high end (read: EXPENSIVE) access points are out and it will be a while before we see a less expensive option available. So for anyone weighing the 802.11ac vs. 802.11n decision the factors are going to be mostly cost and if your network is ready for all that wireless bandwidth??

See my previous 802.11ac article 5 Ways to Prepare for High Speed 802.11ac Wireless Networking for recommendations on preparing for an 802.11ac deployment.

The infographic below provides a good visual representation of 802.11ac vs. 802.11n.

802.11ac vs 802.11n infographic

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