Upgrade Mikrotik versi 3.11 sudah di release

Bagi anda pengguna Mikrotik router, saat ini sudah ada versi update/upgrade terbaru V. 3.11 dari Mikrotik 3.11. Sebaiknya anda yang menggunakana Mikrotik Asli, karena cuma yang asli yang bisa di upgrade ke versi terbaru segera mengupdate. Link dowload yang resmi di :

Ada beberapa perbaikan dari versi 3.10 antara lain :

  1. Perbaikan pada beberapa kasus https web proxy dengan parent proxy, yang kadang tidak bekerja
  2. Penambahan seting default route distance untuk DHCP Client
  3. Perbaikan pada protokol Mesh (bridging interface)
  4. dll, Informasi perbaikan selengkanpnya bisa dilihat di bawah ini atau link : What’s new in 3.11:

Satu hal yang saya temukan di router saya, yaitu penggunaan ip hotspot pada versi 3.10 kadang tidak merespon. Ketika asa user broswer sering mengalali http error. Udah saya disable Hotspot-nya trs enable, Reboot tetap aja gak bisa. Tapi gak diapapain kadang malah bisa sendiri. Saya tidak tau apa itu bug pada versi 3.10 atau bukan, selelah saya update ini sampai saat ini ip – Hotspot masih normal.

Change Log dalam bahasa aslinya :
*) fixed bug – in some cases web proxy https with parent-proxy did not work;
*) added default-route-distance setting for DHCP client;
*) mesh protocol – bridge interface in a mesh did not work well, fixed;
*) multicast – fixed bootstrap router (BSR) mechanism;
*) user manager – users can now be redirected to HotSpot login page after
PayPal payment;
*) added ability to dst. nat only address or port, not both at the same time;
*) ospf – fixed default route;
*) ipsec – fixed tunnel mode with dynamically generated policy;
*) port remote-access – fixed allowed-addresses check;
*) ethernet half duplex modes on rb400 series work now;
*) console – fixed entering of IPv6 prefixes;
*) console – fixed crash on window size change;
*) console – bit operations (& ^ | << >>) now work with numbers, too;
*) console – brace syntax for array declarations ( { value ; value ; value } )
now can be used also where () expressions can be used, previously
worked only inside the expressions. Example:
:foreach i in {1;2;3;4} do={:put $i}
*) console – inside expressions ‘,’ operator can be used to concatenate arrays,
unlike ‘.’ which works with strings. Arguments that are not arrays are
treated like arrays with single element. Example:
{1,2,3;4,5,6;7,8,9} produces value {{1;2;3};{4;5;6};{7;8;9}}
(1,{2},{{3;4}},5,{},{6,7},8) produces value {1;2;{3;4};5;{6;7},8}
*) console – ‘move’ commands no allow list of source items to be empty and
to contain duplicate items. The porpose is to simplify scripts that use
‘find’ commands to move items. Example:
move ([find dynamic],[find inactive]) – moves all ‘dynamic’ and
‘inactive’ items to the end of the list, does not raise error if
any item is both ‘dynamic’ and ‘inactive’, or if there are no items;
*) console – ‘move’ command does not update item numbers anymore;


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