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Setting Ubiquity UniFi Masalah Isolated AP

Barusan beli 7 buah AP Ubiquity UniFi buat perbaikan dan peningkatan kapasitas jaringan, masih penasaran banget dengan seting WiFi yang awalnya tidak biasa dan fitur AP yang beda dengan Ap yang biasa. Sudah ketemu beberapa masalah dan sudah ketemeu beberapa solusinya. Barusan ketemu malasah status AP Isolated meskipun pada awalnya OK. Saat dipasang jadi Isolated. Ketemu di Wiki Uniquity sebagai berikut :

A new status, Isolated, is introduced. When the AP is unable to reach the gateway, it goes into Isolated state. In this state,

  • all servicing WLANs are disabled (if we cannot reach the gateway, wireless clients won’t either)
  • has different LED pattern – steady green (managed) with occasional dims
  • AP will send out beacon over the air and can be found by nearby APs
  • Only the wired APs under the same controller can establish a downlink to this isolated AP
  • by default, wired APs don’t go off-channel to look for isolated APs. “Find more” trigger wired APs to do so. And after wireless uplink is set up, the isolated AP will always find and follow the same channel use by its uplink AP


Dari hasil testing dan unji coba masalah yg saya dapai ternyata di pengkabelan. Setelah diganti konektor dan di test mulai nomer 1-8 ok semua status bisa jadi connected.


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