Aug 20, 2008
Download Mikrotik update versi 3.13 telah ada

Mikrotik update terbaru versi 3.13 telah ada, seperti biasa saya sarankan untuk segera mengupdate router anda. Cara update bisa diposting sebelumnya.  Untuk versi 3.13 ini ada beberapa penyempurnaaan sistem (network security) yaitu antara lain :

  • Pada hotspot – memperbaikin dst-nat untuk SMTP (dialami di versi 3.11, saya pernah mengalami)
  • DHCP client
  • Perbaikan pada simple queues
  • Penambahan dukungan pada routing-test dengan “multiple recursive nexthops”
  • Perbaikan pada Routing-test berkait dengan BGP AS number byteorder (dialami pada versi 3.12)

Berikut Cupilkan Change Log Versi 3.13 dan 3.12, Selengkapnya bisa dilihat di  CHANGELOG

What’s new in 3.13:
*) hotspot – fixed dst-nat for SMTP (broken in 3.11);
*) dhcp client – added support for DHCP option 121 (classless route);
*) fixed simple queues – changing simple queues could lock up i386 routers
*) routing-test – added support for multiple recursive nexthops;
*) routing-test – fixed BGP AS number byteorder, broken in 3.12;

What’s new in 3.12:


*) fixed problem – static queues on PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP interfaces became invalid
on client reconnect;
*) changed behaviour of simple queues – queues with no limit and type default-small
and no children actually do not get installed, as if there was no queue;
*) console – allow “{}” array syntax only for some command arguments, as it
does not make sense in most cases and interferes with the existing
scripts. Now “/system script add source={….}” works as it did
before 3.11;
*) graphing – fixed crash when dynamic interfaces/queues disappear;
*) fixed IPv6 address auto-configuration on routerboards;
*) added support for OSPFv3;
*) improved PCQ queueing algorithm;
*) dhcp server – pass Agent-Remote-Id and Agent-Circuit-Id to Radius server;
*) user manager – option to use

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